Moving forward

Nice to see the uplifting story of our short film, In My Brother’s Shoes, get recognized. We are very pleased.MirableDictuFestivalWinsmall



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Ok then…the hits keep comin’


In an attempt to rid himself of the self-inflicted distinction of being a 25 year-old man-child, Zach Hutton, junior menswear buyer for a large legacy department store, makes an unauthorized purchase of a container load of neckties. In doing so he loses his job, his girl and his bank account.

In a last ditch effort for redemption and to stay solvent, Zach tries to sell the ties on his own. As tie sales sputter and his luck runs out, Zach employs the talents of a lovable pole dancer to redirect the focus of potential buyers of his ties. Add devious family members, corrupt politicians, mobsters, new found love and hot-buttered popcorn to the mix, Zach finds more than a kernel of truth in the saying, “one climbs the ladder of success one rung at a time”.

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Knee-jerk reaction by my fellow creatives…

In Indianapolis, Indiana there is a place called Great Cooks the Bakery at 1321 W. 86th St.. They keep Kosher and they have a large selection of Parve and dairy Items available and of course Challah for Shabbat. With this brou-hah about who or what a private business must serve in that state, I wonder if the proprietors of Great Cooks would be breaking the law if they refused to create something that they felt went against their religious beliefs? This simple video says it all.

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I Facebook, therefore I am

I make my living as a marketing consultant. Most of my work now involves online marketing. More specifically, the effective use of Social Media tools and applications to generate engagement from a target market or audience. However, I do not ‘Facebook’. Or, I should say, I do not use my personal Facebook page. I manage several business pages on the platform, but I’ve found myself embarrassed for friends and colleagues who need to put out to the world every bit of minutiae about their lives. Do people in your network really care to know about your thoughts, travels, illnesses, your kids, your relatives, your pets?  Your likes and dislikes? Your causes? Your barnyard or candy games? Should one hit the “Like” button when you suffer a tragedy or loss?

Really? Do you think folks care about you more because you’re active on the platform? Or are you simply delusional ?

A question for our times.

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Great Time….

….to be in the business.
A whole lotta distribution channels and not enough content.
Write on.

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LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Slideshare, Blog, HootSuite, various websites and more. It’s time to begin rounding up everything in one place and develop a consistent message and brand. I am toying with the idea of a VLOG in 2015.

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Today, creating a Turkey could be a good thing,


Today is a day to reflect and give thanks. I am thankful for a lot…the best wife and soul mate a human could hope for…a few real friends…my health…good health-care for my wife (no thanks to the empty suit who fancies himself the leader of our people)…meaning and purpose in my life. And, a small ability to help others.


Tonight I am able to help out one of my best friends. That is putting a smile on my face. Since I’ve gotten back to a bit of introspection, I try to give thanks to the Big Man upstairs every week also. With the aggressive changes and forward thinking adjustments I’ve made in my life, both in my work and my outlook, 2015 could prove to be a big year in getting my film projects in play. This will benefit all the people I care about the most. Which are those mentioned in the first paragraph. I have no turkeys…with my team, we soar with eagles. #InMyBrothersShoes #AnitaTheMovie #LuciaMauro


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