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CIMM Fest’s Carmine Cervi does a scene


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The Egg & I

As in, “what comes first?”

From where I stand, it must be the egg, or eggs. And big, shiny Golden ones at that. 

Because every critical piece of the pre-production process requires enough of them to make an omelette, a souffle….a big, honkin’ zabaglione.

Otherwise the human component of your process will remain chickens.

And rightly so.

The ‘peeps‘ have, mortgages, kids, alimony and dare I say it….unlike producers….real lives.

So, the brain-scrambling conundrum faced by those of us who dwell in oblivion is thus:

“Can’t get the lettuce unless without a committed cast and crew, but no commitment from cast and crew unless ya got the scratch.”

Try approaching an investor with no one signed to your project and you’ll get a response that would make the Soup Nazi look like Mr. Rogers.

“No (chicken) soup for YOU!”

 Indeed, there are times where I could swear the sky is falling.

But rather than bemoan the fact that I find myself on this Mobius-strip of raising the budget, I’ve decided to leverage all of my resources to move the process forward.

Relationships, favors, markers, friends-of-friends, all come into play.

Connecting the dots, whereby one door opens another.

I factor whatever in-kind considerations I can into my business plan and make sure I attach a realistic dollar value to them.

All the while I keep critical contacts appraised of my progress and to my surprise my efforts are yielding results.

Even folks who said nyet early on are seeing the opportunity I am presenting them with.

Chicken or the egg?

Who knows?

I just keep pushing forward for that ‘Pullet-Surprise’. 

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Count da money (DeMonet!)

Whenever I can find a free moment I do my best to study Hedge Funds, Film Tax Incentives, Section 181 of the 2004 AJCA and International Film Funds.

Fascinating stuff for getting a production capitalized.

Obtaining  a real budget and putting that money in an escrow account is where the rubber meets the road in moviemaking

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