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CIMM Fest’s Carmine Cervi does a scene


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Blighty blight





Is multiculturalism something we’re trying to escape from? It seems to me the success of Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife. the Bletchley Circle,


Doc Martin, Keeping Up Appearances, As Time Goes By and other  British imports may be attributed to the fact that the stories evolve around a group of people who are similar in background, ethnicity, and values . The introduction of the black character  Jack (Ross) in last season’s Downton Abbey was an obvious, awkward, retro-fit to pull in black viewers. However, it seems presumtuous that in the name of political-correctness or “diversity” to think black audiences can ‘t see through this anachronistic plot twist. In the past 15 years theater audiences have been forced to suspend their disbelief with the concept of color-blind casting. I would much prefer to see an honest Spike Lee or Tyler Perry offering than the black actors that were cast in the chorus line of the Producer’s production number  ‘Springtime for Hitler’.  I mean really?!

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Anita Garibaldi – the Early Years

Anita was married off at age fourteen to a drunkard who physically abused her.
When she met Giuseppe Garibaldi she simply left her husband and joined Garibaldi on his ship, the Rio Pardo, and became his common-law wife.It was the first time she was ever at sea and she quickly became an able-bodied seaman and a fierce sword fighter. Legend has it that, at the point of her sword, she forced cowardly shipmates to fight.

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The 23rd Psalm…

how-to-draw-a-shepherd-step-6_1_000000037067_5As an indie film producer ……one_legged_man_arse_kicking_contest I continually remind myself that I am shepherding my investor’s funds to a profitable end. This responsibility shares top priority with getting the film made. I requires a steadfastness in reaching one’s goal and often times tough decisions. But I have been entrusted with capital, and my job is to grow that wealth.
Subsequently, I am becoming more like the shepherd in the Taviani brothers’ 1977 film Padre Padrone,


as opposed to the gentle sheep herder depicted in the illustration above. (at least the character was a Sardinian). To clarify…. things gotta get done. And they need to get done right and on time.


And, speaking of the Shepherd/23rd Psalm ……It was recommended to a Georgia cotton farmer to avoid taking the shortcut across his neighbor Seth’s field. as Seth’s crop has become infested with cotton eating beetles. And this particular bug was so voracious it would even attack humans. The farmer replied, “Yea, though I’ll walk through the valley of Seth, I fear no weevil.”

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Fundraising is very, very time consuming.

However, it is a worthy and satisfying endeavor when you know your funders will enjoy the dividend from your product or service.

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A Producer’s lot is not a happy one!

When a Producer’s not engaged in his employment
Or maturing his fiduciary plans.
His capacity for innocent enjoyment,
Is just as great as any honest man’s
Our feelings we with difficulty smother
When fundraising duty’s to be done:
Ah, take one consideration with another,
A Producer’s lot is not a happy one!

When the enterprising actress isn’t crying,
When her agent isn’t occupied in crime,
He loves to hear the little brook a-gurgling,
And listen to the merry village chime.
When the coster’s finished jumping on his mother,
He loves to lie a-basking in the sun:
Ah, take one consideration with another,
The Producer’s’s lot is not a happy one!

(and tip o’ the hat to Gilbert and Sullivan)

220px-What_just_happened Harry-Zimm sob_richard_mulligan the-player

On every movie I’ve done as a director, I look at the producers and having done it, I don’t envy them, at all.
– Griffin Dunne

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Working with what you’ve got.

A professional colleague of mine, Brian Briskey, put it in perspective; indie filmmakers are subject to the chicken/egg conundrum. To raise money, you need to raise money. Subsequently, you have to take a step back and work with the tools and resources you have…not the ones you want.

indie film producer

indie film producer

Brian is part of an emerging new profession in the industry, the PMD – Producer of Marketing & Distribution. A title I’ve conferred upon myself based on my nearly 40 years in advertising. Yet, the talent one needs to assemble for either the marketing of an indie film or Crowdfunding one becomes almost cost prohibitive.  To launch a campaign without professionals  onboard can be a recipe for disaster. Yet being able to afford those professionals may be out of reach for a film maker who is not a Kristen Bell, Rob Thomas, Zack Braff, Joe Mantegna or now, even Woody Allen. So, moving forward… think, be cautious, weigh your options, use what you have and above all  BE GOOD – to your team, to your vendors, to your film and to yourself. It’s on you.






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