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Climbing The Media Production Ladder

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Great Time….

….to be in the business.
A whole lotta distribution channels and not enough content.
Write on.

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Anita Garibaldi – the Early Years

Anita was married off at age fourteen to a drunkard who physically abused her.
When she met Giuseppe Garibaldi she simply left her husband and joined Garibaldi on his ship, the Rio Pardo, and became his common-law wife.It was the first time she was ever at sea and she quickly became an able-bodied seaman and a fierce sword fighter. Legend has it that, at the point of her sword, she forced cowardly shipmates to fight.

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I am anything, at any time, as the need arises – I am the Producer

“I don’t want the world to know, I don’t want my heart to show, Two faces have I…”
– Songwriters: Twyla Herbert, Lou Christie
I have a vocation and an avocation. Both, equally important. My vocation puts food on the table, a roof over my head and allows me to purchase goods and services to support a lifestyle. It also allows me to pursue my avocation (the creation of a feature film) by supplying a meager cash-flow and credit to finance the entire endeavor. I disagree, however, with the dictionary definition of avocation; a subordinate occupation pursued in addition to one’s vocation, as it is actually the driving force behind my ‘job’.
There are two “me’s”. They have blended into one and they feed off of each other. These two business development professionals work in tandem to achieve success. In fact, the skills I apply to producing a film supplant the 38 years of learned and acquired skills I’ve brought to my job as a marketer and a biz-dev consultant.
It isn’t easy. And I’ve been working 14-16 hour days for the past five years. But when things get rough, and a set-back or challenge slaps me down, I just turn the other cheek.

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The Pre-Game Show


In five days, we are launching Phase II of the fundraising for our film – Anita. This initiative is being done through a Crowdsourcing/Crowdfunding campaign. I have hired a group of global professionals. The project itself is being spearheaded by Producer of Marketing & Distribution,  Brian Briskey of PMD Partners out of Austin, Texas. Coordinating with him is Social Strategy consultant,  Naomi Assraf from San Francisco. The Social Media ground troops consist of Mary Losey as Social Media manager, Cristiana Neves-Miller our Portuguese/Spanish Soc. Media expert and, long-time team-member and marketing professional, Jessica Orlandino spearheading the Italian online reach out

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The More You Know….

…the more you know.


Knowledge is power. All Producers know that the key to getting a film made is getting it financed. So, I have been diligently learning the business of finance. A while back, I left the creative (fun) part of filmmaking to the writers, directors, cinematographers, designers, artists, cast and crew. The numbers-oriented, black & white, Excel™ spreadsheet driven part of the process is quickly becoming my domain.


Learning high-end, seven-figure finance is not an easy task. Small steps…first a fundamental foundation – Murray Rothbard’s Man, Economy & State, then on to Nicole Gravagna’s Venture Capital for Dummies and graduating to Kay Hofmann’s text book Co-Financing Film Productions. As I bang the doors of Venture Capitalists and Private Equity investors alike, I will continue to learn this end of the business. There are no less than 240 books and articles  from film finance experts that lie ahead, ranging from Ackerberg to Zufryden.

I hope I get this funded before Mr. Z.

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Swept Up In The Hype Machine


Hype is the awkward and desperate attempt to convince journalists that what you’ve made is worth the misery of having to review it.  –  Federico Fellini 

P & A. Prints and Advertising. In the digital age the ‘P’ has become less important than the ‘A’. As an advertising professional, I am not immune to the veiled attempts of many film marketers to inject interest in the back story when the story quality of the movie itself is questionable. What relevance does the director/writer/producer’s sexual confusion, suicidal tendencies or high school traumas have to do with the watchability of film they’ve created? Does the director’s near fatal car accident while on the set make the film itself more interesting? The film industry is going through a tumultuous time. Movie attendance is dwindling, DVD’s are going the way of 8-track tapes and promoting 100 million dollar bombs may finally cause us to shrug and pull our collective marketing heads out of the clouds (or another less pleasant area) and re-focus on providing audiences with good movies built around even better stories. Nothing beats word of mouth.

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