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CIMM Fest’s Carmine Cervi does a scene


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Anita Garibaldi – the Early Years

Anita was married off at age fourteen to a drunkard who physically abused her.
When she met Giuseppe Garibaldi she simply left her husband and joined Garibaldi on his ship, the Rio Pardo, and became his common-law wife.It was the first time she was ever at sea and she quickly became an able-bodied seaman and a fierce sword fighter. Legend has it that, at the point of her sword, she forced cowardly shipmates to fight.

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As an independent, Chicago-based film producer, I am going about raising the financing myself – and people are indeed curious about what I’m doing.

And thick and fast they came at last, And more, and more, and more-- "The Walrus & The Carpenter", Lewis Carrol

“More, More, More” – Andrea True http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIXHks5z8Tw

Back in the day, 1976, it was the height of the Studio 54 (New York) and the Phoenix (Chicago), disco era. Former porn-star turned chanteuse, Andrea True broke out a dance-floor hit entitled “More, More, More”. This came into mind while holding a pre-production meeting in the bowels of a disco-cum-restaurant on Chicago’s north side. Indeed, I once DJ’d at the very spot we held our table-top meeting. Our get-together was held on the former dance floor. So, what prompted me to recall “More, More, More”?  Beside myself as the producer, the night’s meeting involved our film’s director, screenwriter, line producer and star. Most of the evening involved detailed analyses of interpreting various roles, script notes, the costuming, hair, wigs, make-up, casting calls and locations. This was clearly the realm of the creatives. And, it became clear to me that my position as producer was becoming more (more, more) of the rain-maker…as in – Get the MONEY. My input on the creative end was both fading and separating. The lines were drawn last night and my marching orders for the month ahead crystallized in my mind. April will be the 10% solution.

And then…more.


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