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Today, creating a Turkey could be a good thing,


Today is a day to reflect and give thanks. I am thankful for a lot…the best wife and soul mate a human could hope for…a few real friends…my health…good health-care for my wife (no thanks to the empty suit who fancies himself the leader of our people)…meaning and purpose in my life. And, a small ability to help others.


Tonight I am able to help out one of my best friends. That is putting a smile on my face. Since I’ve gotten back to a bit of introspection, I try to give thanks to the Big Man upstairs every week also. With the aggressive changes and forward thinking adjustments I’ve made in my life, both in my work and my outlook, 2015 could prove to be a big year in getting my film projects in play. This will benefit all the people I care about the most. Which are those mentioned in the first paragraph. I have no turkeys…with my team, we soar with eagles. #InMyBrothersShoes #AnitaTheMovie #LuciaMauro


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Une Aventure dans le Cinéma Commence

Today I head to Cannes. I have three projects I am producing.

It’s all about making connections and finding the funds to create. Nothing else matters. It’s all about the capital.

Maybe that’s why they call it “Capitalism”…ya think? The whole process reminds me of a David Mamet line from the 2001 movie “Heist” Danny DeVito as character Micky Bergman  says, “Everybody needs money. That’s why they call it money.”


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