This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco. This ain’t no fooling around.

In a business where the competition is so high that some people would eat their own children, I find it odd that many indie filmmakers I encounter have other important interests. Most of these interests are in no way related to the struggle to get their project into production.

I read an essay by a young woman (@melissatsang) this morning. She was celebrating her 27th birthday and she was opining about the twenty-seven lessons she’s learned in her current time through the life cycle. One of those, #10, jumped out at me in relation to independent filmmakers…Work Hard. Work Very Hard. Work Really Freakin Hard.


My conclusion is this: if you need to play golf, go cycling, visit the Ozarks, support causes, etc. figure out a way to integrate some part of your filmmaking efforts into that interest. Invite a potential investor for a round on the links, do some research (FB, Insta,etc.) and see if the talent you’re seeking shares an interest with you, plan around a film festival at your vacation spot, make a documentary. Every time you find yourself doing something unrelated to your goal if making films, feel guilty.


Because there are guys and gals working Really Freakin Hard and they will succeed. Will you?




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