Brutha can you spare some development capital?

I’ve made an observation regarding many of my fellow independent #filmmakers living outside of LA. It seems there is a keen awareness that the business is predicated on relationships. However, the relationships I see being nurtured are those that do not facilitate the next step in the process – getting the funding and #financing to make one’s #film. The default is hanging out with other broke-ass filmmakers, perhaps getting some crumbs of insight from a panel of “experts” as to how they found their pathway to getting their film made. bread lineBut mostly these events, whatever the may be, seem to me as group circle-jerks. Filmmakers commiserating how hard it is to find money. aggie-jerk1

Therefore,  I offer up this suggestion, GO WHERE THE MONEY IS!


Hang out. Become a weekly regular. Bring business cards, your A-game and your pitch deck on your smart phone or tablet. Introduce yourself and talk about your project(s) to people with money, aka investors.



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