I Facebook, therefore I am

I make my living as a marketing consultant. Most of my work now involves online marketing. More specifically, the effective use of Social Media tools and applications to generate engagement from a target market or audience. However, I do not ‘Facebook’. Or, I should say, I do not use my personal Facebook page. I manage several business pages on the platform, but I’ve found myself embarrassed for friends and colleagues who need to put out to the world every bit of minutiae about their lives. Do people in your network really care to know about your thoughts, travels, illnesses, your kids, your relatives, your pets?  Your likes and dislikes? Your causes? Your barnyard or candy games? Should one hit the “Like” button when you suffer a tragedy or loss?

Really? Do you think folks care about you more because you’re active on the platform? Or are you simply delusional ?

A question for our times.


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One response to “I Facebook, therefore I am

  1. Rather than thinking about whether people care about what you put out, the question is whether what you put out is worth sharing at all. If you’re happy about your kid achieving something great, why not share the joy? Personally, I find that people need to trim their friend list to people they care to share with, and then go for it. As for the ‘like’ button for loss/tragedy, it’s there to show support. For example, if one of my friends puts up a status about a catastrophe, first of all, I learn about it – social media is the number one place to learn information – and second, either I choose to comment my support, or I like the status – this is the support people need in times of crises. Facebook facilitates global support, it allows us to show our emotion despite being miles apart – which is what makes it great. If you choose to be invisible on this platform, it is your choice – but those who are active understand the strength of it.

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