Wax On, Wax Off…

wax on wax off

“This is the business we’ve chosen”. – Hyman Roth

Wrinkles, bumps in the road, set-backs and diversions. They come with the territory. If there was one way, one path to success as a film producer, we’d all be following that course. Unfortunately, there is not. Subsequently, as challenges arise you deal with them – or you don’t. Ultimately, the choice will determine if the project goes into the ‘stall’  mode or  you move forward. Most of the obstacles one faces when producing an indie film are financial hurdles. I recently had a solid commitment from a good friend fall through.  A critical piece of funding to engage in an already contracted initiative. It reminded me of that scene in Godfather II where Michael stalls and stalls then pulls out of the deal.


This disappointment presented an unexpected conundrum… the choices were : 1.) panic, 2.) stop dead, or 3.) move forward? I’ve chosen #3 with a slight dash of #1. FYI – #1 is a strong motivator.

So stay tuned for the next Phase of  fundraising and pre-production for the indie film Anita. Please tell your friends about this blog (aka daily journal) as I will be sharing my thoughts and this journey with you. Thanks for your continued support. Anita’s story will get told. And I promise I won’t end up like the Hyman Roth character.


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