Giuseppe and Anita Garibaldi

Cool summation!

The Cool of History

Two Tone for the Two Worlds

Revolutionaries come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are Doctors, wealthy statesmen and others are just plain idealistic and bored.  Either way, they tend to save/liberate one nation and call it a day.  Giuseppe Garibaldi is wikipedialy known as the “Hero of Two Worlds” for liberating Uruguay and being a major part of the Italian Unification.  Though the theme of ‘twos’ doesn’t stop there, Garibaldi had something other revolutionaries rarely note: his babe.

As mentioned in this blog, Anita Garibaldi is as courageous and idealistic as the man she married.  Born in Brazil in 1821, Anita came from a poor fishing and herdsman family that practiced traditional customs such as forcibly marrying their daughter off at the age of 14.  Of course, that dude sucked and abandoned the poor thing soon after.

Seemingly hopeless, one year later in 1836, in rides her knight…

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