Long Live Newbomb Turk.

I was musing on the world we now live in and how, had I been born in 1992 as opposed to 1952, I would no doubt either be in jail or ostracized as some kind of social pariah. This observation comes from many of the fun things that I did as a youth. Let’s take a look at a few escapades and see where they may fall on the PC/legality spectrum.

First, Newbomb Turk is the hero (or anti-hero) of the 1980 movie, Hollywood Knights.

Newbomb Turk

Newbomb Turk

Caper #1

The great Jack-n-the-Box head blow. My buddies and I spent two weeks of bi-nightly visits to the drive-thru ordering fries and Cokes™ and simultaneously wrenching off the bolts that held the clown head to its base.

4671046384_e49c8dceb5_zOn the night we released the final bolt, we lifted the clown’s head, placed a #3 aerial bomb on the base, lit a Lucky Strike™ cigarette and affixed the burning cig to the firecracker’s fuse. We then deftly set the clown’s head back down on its base.

dm110-aircolorbomb3The rest was history. Clowns into space!

Caper #2 the “bullying” episode.


Coming soon!

Newbomb lives !


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