Working with what you’ve got.

A professional colleague of mine, Brian Briskey, put it in perspective; indie filmmakers are subject to the chicken/egg conundrum. To raise money, you need to raise money. Subsequently, you have to take a step back and work with the tools and resources you have…not the ones you want.

indie film producer

indie film producer

Brian is part of an emerging new profession in the industry, the PMD – Producer of Marketing & Distribution. A title I’ve conferred upon myself based on my nearly 40 years in advertising. Yet, the talent one needs to assemble for either the marketing of an indie film or Crowdfunding one becomes almost cost prohibitive.  To launch a campaign without professionals  onboard can be a recipe for disaster. Yet being able to afford those professionals may be out of reach for a film maker who is not a Kristen Bell, Rob Thomas, Zack Braff, Joe Mantegna or now, even Woody Allen. So, moving forward… think, be cautious, weigh your options, use what you have and above all  BE GOOD – to your team, to your vendors, to your film and to yourself. It’s on you.







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