The More You Know….

…the more you know.


Knowledge is power. All Producers know that the key to getting a film made is getting it financed. So, I have been diligently learning the business of finance. A while back, I left the creative (fun) part of filmmaking to the writers, directors, cinematographers, designers, artists, cast and crew. The numbers-oriented, black & white, Excel™ spreadsheet driven part of the process is quickly becoming my domain.


Learning high-end, seven-figure finance is not an easy task. Small steps…first a fundamental foundation – Murray Rothbard’s Man, Economy & State, then on to Nicole Gravagna’s Venture Capital for Dummies and graduating to Kay Hofmann’s text book Co-Financing Film Productions. As I bang the doors of Venture Capitalists and Private Equity investors alike, I will continue to learn this end of the business. There are no less than 240 books and articles  from film finance experts that lie ahead, ranging from Ackerberg to Zufryden.

I hope I get this funded before Mr. Z.


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  1. You will! We all have premiere dresses counting on you!

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