Bread & Circuses OR A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to McCormick Place

One of my production team members recently took a meeting for us at the Rome Film Festival. The topic was financing our project in the Euro market. She told me it was informative but boring as hell. I’m sure it was. The hard stuff, the numbers stuff always is. Not only do you need to understand it, but you need to decipher it and apply it to your own endeavor. Private placement memorandums, waterfall projections, mezzanine investors, dollar/cost averaging. Whew. Lots of numbers.

dollar/cost averaging spreadsheet

Later that week, while catching up on my reading, both Advertising Age and Variety made cover articles about the Obama campaign’s use of show-biz celebs to reach their voters.

film production

Get out the Vote

A brilliant tactic that both publications feel truly won the election. I mean, really, Katy Perry shaking her ‘cooch’ for her candidate or Paul Ryan discussing GNP and debt ceilings. No contest. Even if the GOP put together a consortium of Clint Eastwood, Kelsey Grammer, Stephen Baldwin, Victoria Jackson, Jon Voight and Patricia Heaton not much could have helped in that arena anyway.

What is reinforced here, for me, is that our beliefs and perceptions are indeed formed by the pleasing, comforting and easy to understand images and information we are presented with. Film, television, radio and now on-line. Bread and circuses by any other name.

It makes me wonder if we’ve truly gone from electing those boring legislators, leaders and statesmen those grey-faced men (as Tina Fey called them)

Rep. Dr. Ron Paul – Grey-faced, boring “numbers” guy

who find the numbers not only fascinating but crucial to our society….to quasi-political celebrities who have a high “Q” factor and wide/deep Social Media fans.

Senator Al Franken – former comedian & SNL alumni

Start fiddling.



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