We can be Heroes….Just for one day

End of an Empire


“When the Commerce Department announced that the United States had become a debtor nation, the American Empire died.”  – GORE VIDAL 

Vidal uttered this observation in the early eighties. However, I think the decline of our culture came began at some point earlier on. Perhaps, in the future, historians will be able to pinpoint the time we turned the corner. That time that would mark the passage from a culture of do-ers to a culture of also-rans. When we began to shy away from effort and denigrate success to celebrate the ‘subjective’. It was during this transition we began a downward slide into mediocrity. In the past our films, television and music seemed to carry a message of growth and achievement. Now, in our effort to create inclusion and diversity we’ve given up objectivity and laud those on the fringe of society. No more heroic cowboys or soldiers. No more women with guts and values.

We seem to be on the tail end of an empire, a culture that was once the creates experiment on Earth.

Sad to see it go.

“My heroes had the heart, To lose their lives out on a limb, And all I remember, Is thinking, I want to be like them.” – GNARLS BARKLEY 



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