It has been a true challenge to recover from the stolen laptop. All files are either rebuilt or recovered and I am a new convert to the world of back-up, Back- Up, BACK UP ! That being said, these entries will begin to take a different direction,. The focus will be on the process of producing for film and television only. With Cannes only a few weeks away, this is where all of my energy is being expended. It’s all about getting the budget to create. Acquaintances who were marginal are now gone. Fair-weather friends have gone with them. I have no time (or patience) for nay-sayers, under-miners, delusional people or fools. The career shift learning curve has been steep and accelerated, when I started in the first part of this millennium. But now, with a half-dozen excellent projects in my stable, this is fun. There’s money being made and it’s time to score big.

Let's make a low-budget movie till help arrives.


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