Shake it up or You’re About to Enter a World of Pain.

While I was abroad, I heard about Mitt Romney’s Etch-a-Sketch™ comment. I can relate.

On my first day, just out of the airport, I had my luggage stolen.

Laptop, glasses, journal, disks, back-ups…all gone. Fortunately, they left me my bag with my underwear and toothbrush.

It’s funny how when your alter, silicon-self disappears you have to reinvent yourself again. I had a big presentation on that friggin’ laptop. Scheduled to present in less than 15 hours. Barely enough time to catch a few Zzz’s, shower and shave after 20 stinkin’ hours in transit. Well, it all orginally sprung from my head anyway…so it was time to shake it up, hit the cerebral cortex re-set and activate those memory banks. That next morning, after a totally sleepless night, it was game time. And you know, I was a hit. I was, stoked, I was primed,                  I was On, baby!

Needless, to say…I was a hit.

Try it. Untether yourself for a while.

It’ll put you back in touch with the carbon world. And. perhaps the real you.


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