So, What Does This Have To Do With Filmmaking?

Nothing and everything.

Gore Vidal and Willam F. Buckley debating.

I believe being effective producer requires a good amount of listening. Listening with an open mind. And, seeking out information that challenges your belief system. If you plan to be “good in a room” or at least noticeable on Shark Tank™ you need to be not only aware but well versed in your opposition’s point of view.

I recently read a review of the documentary Paul Goodman Changed My Life. The reviewer, Andrea Gronvall, observed that “(the film) makes one realize how low public discourse in America has sunk.”

Most people I know never explore the unknown….those areas or opinions that frighten them. They consume only the information that reinforces their positions. Whether it be Mother Jones or The National Review. Drudge or HuffPo, the NYT or WSJ, people dig in and become intransigent.

Good storytelling hinges on conflict. And in the world of storytelling conflict is good. But, I suggest not viewing your opposition as something evil. Know and understand your adversary, engage them in dialogue and back up your premise.

And, above all, welcome the discourse.


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