Forty One (41)

That’s the number of categories in my budget sheet. 

Each one of these categories has line items. Some as few as one and others upwards to several dozen. I look at this spreadsheet every night before retiring and make detailed entry adjustments. Today I am feeling anxious and antsy. Not a drop of alcohol in three weeks and a daily work-out to keep both my mind and body sharp. I had lunch with my good friend and storyboard artist, Gary. He gave me the opportunity to get out of my ‘stoic’ modality and relax a bit. I also spoke with our Line Producer, Phil, today, on an unrelated matter but it was good to get him an update. I have another good friend and colleague working on some financing in Las Vegas. And, I’m still waiting on word from Sardinia on the Regional Film Incentive.

Sweating the Budget Numbers

I read a great line from a producer colleague of mine in New York; “When you obtain funding, it is not going to be just because of your project, it is going to be because of your project and the funder likes you. Always be your best self.”


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