Fine Tuning

We are now focused on raising our complete production budget by the end of July this year. This is it. No more delays. No more wasted “investor events” where checks are promised but the supposed investors never come through. In short, no more time wasting. ¬†We are carefully calibrating and re-examining every dollar that is allotted to our budget numbers. In addition to this we are re-evaluating our connection to patrons of and donors/investors to costly artistic endeavors (opera, ballet, theater).

It appears these folks are more inclined to donate large amounts to these endeavors but not to a commercial project. even though we do have one of the very top theatre directors (Rick Snyder) joined with one of the up and coming, visionary cinematographers (Giulio Pietromarchi).

It’s kinda like a whole Orson Welles thing all over again…..Go figure.

I’ve completed over 12 marathons.

I’ll get there.


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