A Short Re-Cap

What a year.  I won’t chronicle 2011 like some cheesy “Seasons Greetings from the _______, what we did this year!”  insert in a Christmas Card. Thank God we didn’t get any of those this holiday. Perhaps they are, thankfully, going out of style. Nevertheless, in brief, we have some new additions to our team. The ultra-talented Gary Ramsey is developing our storyboards. Mike Bassett and Gaylin Leth have entered into the picture as potential 1st A.D and Associate Producer respectively. Costante Garibaldi, great-great-great Grandson of Giuseppe and Anita has partnered with us in Rome where he maintains a law practice. And, Jessica “no-relation” Orlandino continues to get  the project media attention throughout Italy. Lucia will be traveling to the eternal city in a few weeks to meet with the folks at Medusa/MediaSet.  After her manager, Marcos Brandao met with my co-producer, Bob Abramoff in LA, we have now secured Leticia (Sabatella) with a firm commitment to the project. Alas, we needed to postpone shooting once again until the fall. But we are going to make that window for sure.


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