Like the movie theaters and TV, Facebook is yesterday’s news.

There’s a new App on iTunes™ called “I Just Made Love“. Good schtuff (if you can get it!).


The App will even let you tell the world what position(s) you employed while making your sweet music.

Not the Eagles…man!

So, what’s next in our world of reality and transparent living? When we chronicle family trevials, illness, death, how you felt when you got up this morning, Johnny’s little boo-boo, your recent BM….is there anything left? But wait! Here it is. The be all, end all to the minute by minute accounting of one’s, “except-for-my-Facebook-postings”, friggin’ irrelevant exsistence. The Looxcie™.


Yep. Harkening back to Albert Brooks’ classic film “Real Life“. We arrived at a point    where your BlueTooth™ device will take your own personal reality show, and put some teeth into it.


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