Moriarity and Holmes.

Javert and ValJean.

Seinfeld and Newman.





Just to name a few famous adversaries.

I told someone recently to eliminate all the Moriartys from her life. She thought I meant the other Moriarty, a character played by Gavin McLoed from the movie Kelly’s Heroes. He, of the “negative waves man“.  No, I meant Sherlock Holme’s nemesis, Professor Moriarty . The only thing, or person, that could sway the relentless Holmes away from his focus. The very mention of Moriarty threw Holmes into fits of anxiety and rage. We all have them. People  with who we bump heads. Or simply don’t mix with. They somehow make our blood boil like some vile cauldron in Birnam Wood.  The issue popped up again today with another good friend of mine. So I thought I’d weigh in on it.

I remember reading somewhere that it takes approximate one hour for a persons blood pressure to come back down from a spike caused by negative stress. This means that if your Moriarty pisses you off once a week, you will give up over 50 hours of your life every year to that negativity and anger. Huh? Irritation quickly morphs into dislike and then to hate. Jesus said, or was it Yoko Ono, I can’t remember – do not hate. Indeed the opposite of love in not hate…it’s indifference. Strive for indifference. So when your Moriarty triggers that tightness in your gut, that stepped up surge of blood, that urge to engage, you might consider employing Oddball’s admonition to Moriarty, “don’t hit me with those negative waves”.



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One response to “Moriarty

  1. Gary Ramsey

    I think Yoko Ono said, “Please do not hate me for destroying the Beatles and singing horribly”.
    Although I’ve successfully eliminated Gavin McLeod from my life there are other analogical references pertinent to some unresolvable conflicts . For instance: Cain and Able, Oedipus, MacBeth, Martin and Lewis and Drew Peterson and at least two of his wives. In all of these situations there was a reasonable expectation of the other based either on familial bonds or mutual aspirations and trust.
    Sure, you can point out that Martin went on to record “That’s Amore” and Lewis directed and starred in “The Disorderly Orderly” and everything worked out for both of them. “The Patsy” has comedic moments that are classic and unencroachable and nobody but Dino could get away with singing the line, “Rudy, the red-beaked reindeer” but I digress.
    When does one accept that their expectations of someone they love will never be met and they should remove that negativity from their lives? Especially when that negativity could sneak in whilst you are asleep and bash in your skull.

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