It’s clearly a budget. It’s got a lot of numbers in it

“There’s always been this hocus-pocus or magical, mystical thing associated with the making of film that sort of psyches people out and makes them think that this cannot be done; that this is a craft that cannot be learned.” — Spike Lee

I am not a big fan of Spike Lee. I don’t care for his films or his politics. However, I must give him credit for a spot-on assessment of filmmaking. In the past decade of working on this project, I have realized that there are a lot of very insightful people out there. So many people have stories to tell, great stories. And the medium of film allows stories to breathe. To be filtered and then personally interpreted through our most developed sense – sight. Yet so few people attempt to tell their story in this way. Are the barriers to entry so hard that one would not even attempt it?

Director John Frankenheimer feels you have to have a killer script, talent actors and then the technical where with all to get it shot. In that order. So, subsequently I have learned this: with your budget in hand, be it big or small, those three components can be at your disposal.

There is no magic, No mystery. Only the budget.


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