What I am saying is, we have now what we have always needed, real partnership…

I’ll have my bond; speak not against my bond;
I have sworn an oath that I will have my bond; Shylock, Scene III – the Merchant of Venice

I can do wheelin’, I can do dealin’ (yes you can!!) But I don’t do no damn
squealin’…The brother get ready!! Thats a fact!! Get ready you Mother,
For the big payback (The big Payback!!) Let me hit ’em hit’em!! Hey Hey!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO                                                                                                            James Brown – The Big Payback

This blog is about producing a feature film. The process is a full time, day-to-day juggling act that never ceases, requires, thought, time, life-changing decisions, a boat-load of money and working capital that vanishes as quickly as it appears. Climbing a mountain step by step. Nevertheless, films get made and released every day. In 2010 there were approximately 615 films released from North American production companies. Based on a 200 business-day calendar year that’s a bit over 3 films per day. About half were indies and about 90% of the overall total stunk up the joint. Working with these numbers I am focused on reaching those investors that can see an opportunity when it presents itself. Obviously, these people are out there. My challenge is finding them and getting them to love this project. From that point, the position where we have our total production budget in place, my job is to deliver a polished, engaging, profitable film. It’s going to happen. As James Jaeger from Matrixx Films put it, “A movie is the best investment one can make for the up-side potential vs. the risk. There simply is no business with manufacturing capital entry requirements as low as motion pictures where the potential return can be as unlimited over the short, medium and long terms.”

And to this…to the actors, the crew the investors and yes…to myself – I have my bond. We can make each other happy.

Or as JB would say, “I need those hits, hit me!! “

PS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      It’s okay. It’s okay. Thank you. Thank you. JumpIntoTheFire is my middle name. And, don’t try this at home, folks. I’m a professional in training. There’s me, and there’s Harvey Weinstein.


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