Constant Contact, Constant Evaluating and Constant Cost.

My business is promotion. I promote goods and services for my clients. Whatever form of promotion I use, there is usually a cost to it. I am now beginning to promote my film. Whoo boy, the cost there is unbelievable. The average, low end, P&A budget for a film is $30 Million. Those billboards, signs on buses and schmooze lunches with PR people add up. I was wondering how I could go about making a brand so cool, users would promote it for you – Free!  Well, I’ve got an idea, so watch out. There was an incident that prompted this thought process and made me think a bit deeper about the whole concept.

I recently had one of my clients call Constant Contact™ to have them remove their logo from the footer of her company’s mailings and replace it with her own company’s. Yes, it is do-able but you have to call. My client thought it was odd that I had her do this and I explained to her that in my world there are no Free rides.

As I pointed out, being an advertising professional, I am keenly aware of brand visibility and the cost of  getting one’s product or service’s name in front of a market.

What has always amazed me is how some advertising slips by the consumer. Whereby the consumer themselves unwittingly promotes the brand – gratis. In fact, some clever companies have engineered it in such a way that doing so makes the consumer feel somehow superior or “in the know”.

Remember back in the eighties the “Members Only” apparel brand? Has this not been replaced by “North Face?” Does that crocodile add something to your otherwise non-descript cotton polo shirt? Why do we allow car dealers to emblazon their logo or servicemark on the trunk of our car? How small (or large) would that logo need to be before Mr. or Ms. Consumer raises her hand and asks for compensation?  Sunglasses, wrist-watches, handbags? If you are impressed with my sartorial style and choice of accessories does it take a clearly visible brand name for you to be really impressed?

When it comes to clothing, I feel this is the height of tackiness. Imagine wearing an Armani suit with the name Armani plastered over the entire jacket and slacks. Or a uber-cool pair of Manolo’s with a brass plate hammered into the letting everyone know, yep…dem’s da real deal.

Riddle me this:

If we were all forced to walk around naked, what would impress you? Or better yet, how would you advertise?

Think about it. And watch for my idea soon.


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