Burning Bridges




I’m burning bridges, cutting people off, destroying bad emotional attachments and raising this film’s budget.


The challenge is keeping cash flow positive while pursuing the production budget. Pull back or forge ahead? Legal bills mount to simply address the minutiae attached to receiving investment capital as do the incidental and incremental expenses for our core crew. And, although there is equity capital in place, it is “first money” and locked in escrow. This is how it goes. We have a “winning lottery ticket” but need the help of others to cash it in.


I am cold calling potential investors. Cold Calling! No takers yet, but one door opens another. I’ve also put a hybrid investment model in place to accommodate people who would just prefer to give money – to support or sponsor a specific component of the production with no expectation of a return. However, the better choice is another option I structured where a group of investors could ‘pool’ their funds to purchase a share or shares.


So forge ahead I will and burn my bridges with a blow torch.



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