Multi-Dimensional Matrix Structures

I read an article in the Harvard Business Review about multi-dimensional matrix structures where decision-making is torturous and unclear. Producing a feature film, maintaining cash-flow, raising the production budget, balancing the time-lines and cast-crew-vendor-location schedules, is like trying to solve a constantly moving Rubik’s Cube. You solve it every day, only to wake up and find you must solve it again. And, you must find the resource$ to ‘lubricate’ the process.

We’ve done some amazing things with out-of-pocket financing. In fact, sometimes I think our phenomenal progress in this area has hurt us. We’ve raised a fair amount of equity investment based on the strength of the story and the talent involved.  And, we’re always moving ahead. While we always present our best professional selves,  many potential investors may think, based on our presentation and appearance, we have a big war-chest that we can dip into when we need it. Not true.

Perhaps we should appear as the struggling-for-funding filmmakers we are?

Nah…not our style.

We have a great product. We’re having fun and we’re going to make some people a lot of money (including ourselves). We will always present the entire package as top-shelf and never pander for funding. It’s all in the paperwork.

When potential investors have taken the time to see what we have, the next step is a small one and all the sides will line up.


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