Movie Houses and Buggy Whips.

MoviePass Put on Hold Amid Negative Reactions From Theater Owners – The Hollywood Reporter

The owners of movie theaters are freaking out.
Movie attendance is down.
Despite what the MPAA and NATO (Natl. Org of Theater Owners) would have you believe, per-capita audiences have shrunk to 2000 levels. The release window for Premium Video-on-Demand will continue to shrink as 60″ hi-def, Blu-Ray™, internet-ready flat screens drop in price. Shooting on 35mm film is quickly becoming obsolete.
Distribution is the challenge there as most theaters still use 35mm projection. The smart exhibitors are investing in re-tooling their theaters to digital projection.
The half-Billion-dollar-budget, tent-pole films are in a vicious cycle of covering the escalating costs of Prints & Advertising and pay (or play) for the B.O. star’s Malibu lifestyle. But many A-List stars are taking indie, script-driven roles for union scale. Apparently they see the writing on the wall.
Note the cameos on films like “Hurt Locker”.
And, go look at the choices you now have on your Pay-per-View channel versus a mere 12 months ago.
I predict the business model for theatrical releases will be flattened within 18 months.

Years ago it was “talkies”…Now it’s “Indies”. Indie films are a great investment.

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  1. Jon Pierre

    Good stuff Joe, as always!

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