The Devil’s in the Details.

A long pause.

Not in activity, but simply writing about it.

Much has happened since the last entry here.

Some of our creative team, Lucia Mauro and Giulio Pietromarchi, along with our Italian attorney Sandra Chiarlone, traveled to Sardinia to meet with the mayor and city council at our location.

There they secured permits, security, facilities and above all the support of the community.

While in Sardinia they met with and reaffirmed our relationship with the tall-ship company, the horse stables, the wranglers, the hotels, the Sardinian Film Commission and our Sardinian accounting/payroll service.

Then is was on to Rome for Lucia where she met with Jessica Orlandino and her marketing team at CIVICO d.o.c.

Through CIVICO d.o.c. Lucia was worked in as the keynote speaker addressing the life of Anita Garibaldi (and our film) at a women’s art event held in Piazza Navona.

There was also a meeting on Janiculum Hill with our colleague, Anita Garibaldi-Hibbert, the great-great grand daughter of Anita and Giuseppe. This meeting was to further our plans for the documentary we intend to produce and release to coincide with the Mother of War‘s release.

Lucia & Anita Garibaldi-Hibbert (along with a gang of "Red Shirts") on Janiculum Hill

Jessica and Lucia also met with Emita Frigato, the award winning Art Director and Paolo Bonacelli, the reknowned character actor who agreed to a role in the film.

Some of the locations turned out to be just as we imagined them in the script.



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