Sekhmet – “The One Who Loves Ma’at.” (balance)

Sekhmet - the Goddess of Balance


I was once a fan of  Norman Mailer. I guess I still am however I haven’t gone back to read much of his work lately. One of his books – a tome which was roundly panned was entitled, Ancient Evenings. Beside myself , I think it was only read by his editors, a few disgruntled literary critics and hopefully Mailer himself. The main character in the book was a ghost who dwelled among the Egyptian pyramids. One of the books main tenets was the pursuit of “Ma’at” or balance. Balance is what I live for. So, when I read the following passage from an Los Angeles Entertainment Law Journal entry by attorney Howard Frumes it got me thinking.

“…An independent production must simultaneously balance many factors, including: satisfying a bank and bond company; pursuing, documenting and solidifying presales; completing adequate budgets and schedules; finalizing the script; and, perhaps most difficult, obtaining and securing a cast and director. If any of these aspects fall short, the entire project can collapse.”

I’ve recently lost my lead actress, been in negotiations with a major star, started a dialogue with another star, begun at least three more investor reach-outs, “danced” with my director and financed a European logistics tour for six of my team members.

I am determined not to let any of these components fall short.

Many Plates in the Air.


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