Living in Oblivion

Is the name of Tom DiCillo’s 1995 Indie Flick with Steve Buscemi, Kathryn Keener and Dermot Mulroney. This little movie is the ultimate tribute to all independent filmmakers. More so, I believe than the Big Picture, Bowfinger or even Day for Night. Action takes place during one day on set of non-budget movie. Buscemi as Indie director, Nick Reve has one of the greatest rants a frustrated helmer has ever uttered on film. As follows…..


Do I have to do everything myself here?

Huh, Cora? Why don’t you go learn
your lines, Cora!

Hey, script, how about paying
attention a little bit, okay?

Hey, focus puller,
I got some good Thai stick.

You wanna go fuckin’ smoke one
or you wanna pay attention?

What are you laughing at, Wolf?
You fuckin’ pretentious, beret-wearin’ motherfucker!

Hey, I saw your reel, man.
It sucked!

Who the fuck would hire you?
Hey, Bob! Hey, Bob!

Can you make a little noise
on the fucking dolly? Huh?

You creaky motherfucker!

Wanda, next time can you wear
a shirt that’s a little more
distracting to my actors?

What is your name anyway? What
do you fucking do around here?

Hey, speedo! You can’t find
a little fucking beep?

Huh? You see what I have to fucking
deal with here, Nicole?


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