New releases…right in your living room.

I’ve been following the heated debate about Premium Video on Demand (VOD) and  shortening the theatrical release window to 60 days. Consumers would be able to see a film 60 days after its theatrical release. The new service from DirectTV™, called Home Premier, has the movie houses and chains struggling to pull their undies from their ass-cracks. Huh? I’ve been opining about the armaggeddon facing the film industry for over two years. The entire entertainment industry seems to be afflicted with collective memory loss. HEY! WAKE UP ! Remember what happened in the music world you bunch of nit-wits. Napster anyone? Or can you say, iTunes™?

And of course we have the expected Greek chorus of “prominent” (James Cameron? Todd Phillips?) industry heavies bemoaning and harumphing the passing of the “Theatrical Experience.”  And, how do we define this theatrical experience?

Tell ya what…as soon as prices drop (and they will) on the 60″, hi-def, plasma, flat-screens, you can come over to my place, I’ll give you a bucket of popcorn, a liter of Coke™ and I’ll only charge you $5. My floors won’t be sticky, nor will anyone sit behind you and talk or kick your seat-back. I promise you’ll be more comfortable and enjoy this quasi-theatrical experience.

So un-bunch your panties and enjoy the future of enjoying movies.


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