TWTWTW or “What? The Week is Over? Did you say “Over”? Nothing is over until I decide it is!”

Sit down and shaddup!

That was the week that was.

And it ain’t over yet! It was spent talking to studios, producers, distributors, composers and, of course, investors. Those, along with Film Commissions, costume houses, casting directors, accountants, hoteliers. product placement specialists, PR people, attorneys and Oscar nominees. That was just the folks here in the states. Then switching gears and speaking to the same crowd on the other side of the pond – in Italian. Whew! Nevertheless, everything is coming together nicely. We are looking to plug in a Box Office name for one of the lead roles. And, my friends, we are close. Thisclose. That will change the budget, However, that’s OK. We will back into it from that point. Mr. Lead needs to know that we are an indie and won’t be able to get into a pay-or-play deal. He either loves the script and feels it’ll be a good career choice or not.

And,oh yeah…good luck to my good friend and colleague Ed, with his reality music show.  You’re gettin’ close buddy!


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