On the mound. Throwing a dozen different kinds of smoke!

I am in my “wheel house”. Meeting after meeting of presenting this phenomenal opportunity to potential funders. As of recent, I have been in the raise-the-budget mode, doing presentations to ultra-high net-worth individuals. My presentation is a cross between the late Billy May’s PitchMen, Project Greenlight and the ABC’s The Shark Tank. I learn a lot from these folks and enjoy their company. They are pleasant, charming and they really know their business. Their questions keep me on my toes. The confident and forthright manner they come across furthers my conviction that you must let people see and experience the real you…..something I’ve been doing for my entire adult life. I call it Self -Actualization. And this has taken me 58 years. We’re about thisclose to getting our first major investor.  Plus I am now factoring in some Italy film tax incentives/rebates I was unaware of. I am constantly working the numbers, comparatives and projections. The number crunching is unbelievable and ongoing. Yet this is the crux of film financing. This living-breathing financial and market analysis also helps keep the production on track. The creative drives the numbers from cast to crew but is never subservient to them. Yet knowing at any given time how telling the story will satisfy not only the audience but the investors is a liberating position to be in.

Forza Anita.


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