If George Clooney had a love child with Sarah Palin it would look like this

Sarah Palin's Alaska.

I’ve got quite a few actor friends. In fact, during one chapter of my life, I too wanted to become an actor. The one thing I cannot understand is the compulsion that many successful film actors have to embarrass themselves in interviews with the media on issues that fall outside of their area of expertise – acting.

Rupert Everett, for instance, positioned himself as the arbiter of the state of the film industry. Alec Baldwin is considering a run for elected office and Bo Derek decided to take up a national initiative to bar us from eating horse meat. Which, by the way, is a delicacy in the Grand- Tour, elitist Italian region of Tuscany.

Anyway, my question is this: why is it OK for an actor to position themselves as a serious statesman but conversely we frown upon pols who use their public persona to their advantage when injecting themselves into the entertainment media ?

Just sayin’.


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