With the speed of a glacier (or Pepe LePew)

I read a recent article written by a colleague of mine. His subject, another writer, described his effort to get his story told as, “an endless series of compromises.” Perhaps. However, I must admit here, working through the obstacles, challenges and countlees delays when the objective is so clearly in sight is a slog. That old cliche –  the journey is more important than the destination may not necessarily hold true for creative endeavors.

tic tock

Anyway, in relation to film production, slow & steady will win the race. 

Many of the things I’d like to do are contingent upon other events falling into place. There is almost a sequential ordering in the rolling out of initiatives while in this fuzzy zone between the Development phase and full-blown, all out  Pre-Production.

I’m ant-sy, that’s all.

Not a day goes by where i am not raising capital to fund production in Q4 of 2011.

At that time I will be writing this blog from Sardinia


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