5 reasons Indie Film production is the new Afghanistan

Reason Number 1 – As Producer you’ll have to form unholy alliances with unsavory types and local warlords to attempt in getting your mission accomplished.

Quetin Tarantino

Unsavory Characters

Reason Number 2 – The terrain you must navigate is jagged and difficult.


The landscape can be treacherous.

Reason Number 3 – Your equipment is old but necessary…. and expensive.

Film Camera

All You Can Afford

Lunch Check

Oh...please, let me pick this up! (again)

Reason Number 4 – Your allies abandon you.

Good Bye

Outta here...Mr. Big Shot.

Reason Number 5 – Even if you should win, you’ll get little more than a pat on the back and some photo ops.

Kick Ass

Thank you...Mr. Producer.


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