Deal Point Memo (Revisited) & Anita Garibaldi-Hibbert

Ok then.

I’ve spoken to no less than seven (7) attorneys regarding the agreements I wanted to put in front on my ‘star’. Boy, can attorneys make things complicated.

So, what to do? Well. I decided to roll up my sleeves, do what I do on a daily basis and write some straight-forward agreements myself. I structured what I believe to be a reasonable contracts. They are win-win arrangements and I hope to get ‘ink’ this week.

I held my first face to face interview with a highly recommended line-producer on Friday. Her name is Leigh Jones and I felt good about her background and insights. I think she could bring a lot to the table. We’ll see.

There is still quite a bit of work in front of me. Looming are the legalities involved with the Production Company  and possible “public” offering. Do I have SEC considerations that I need to address? I also need to engage soon with the financials. I can not put a package together without them. Ahh, well…no one said this would be easy – or fast.

Now, on the other side of the pond, Lucia (Mauro) our project’s screenwriter, held a wine & cheese event in Rome with Anita Garibaldi-Hibbert
, the Great Grand daughter of Giuseppe and our heroine, Anita. The two of them discussed the life and times of Anita in front of an audience of three dozen Anita aficionados. Ms. Garibaldi-Hibbert is a scholar and lecturer. She travels the world giving lectures on on Anita and the Risorgimento.  The entire event was photographed and videotaped so watch for some clips here soon. Lucia has another meeting scheduled with Ms. G-H and the Admin. of Loyola University’s Rome Center to discuss a joint effort to raise money to complete the final refurbishing of Anita G’s statue on Janiculum Hill. We’d like to thank Jessica Orlandino for her assistance in putting this successful event together,

Anita Statue Janiculum Hill - Rome

Mother / Warrior / Horsewoman


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  1. Bravissimi!! I have always wondered why no one has ever turned Anita’s life into a movie. I hope this project goes forward. I would love to see Ms. Garibaldi -Hibbert in person. Does anyone know if she is planning a visit to the USA this year?

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