Nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear immediate discussion.

The entertainment industry is changing rapidly. I witnessed this, nay…I was part of this phenomenon back in the music business of the  70’s-80’s, when the means of production was put in the hands of the artists. The alternative scene began to churn out their own self-produced CD’s that were both recorded and mastered on their computers, which subsequently turned garage bands into mainstream and this mainstream morphed into file-sharing downloads and the iPods. Ooops ! Now, with all due respect to Joni Mitchell and her “star makin’ machinery behind the popular song“, that machinery went bye-bye. I read this interesting news this a.m. and it prompted me to explore my analysis a bit further. So, imagine this this: Iron Man III (yes, 3) opens at your local multiplex. Keep in mind, those opening weekend B.O. profits determine the addtional (and most profitable) revenue windows for a movie. You go to IM3 with a group of friends and you all begin Tweeting about how bad the story sucks and, “I can feel my butt gettin’ sore already!” and how R.D. Jr. acting looks like he’s back on the White Lotus, Yam-yam, Shanghai Sally or whatever the hell ya wanna call it. Play those tweets out to the thousands in each market and whoomp – there it is…D.O.A.  There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary. Jack Lipnick said , “I run this dump, and I don’t know the technical mumbo-jumbo.” Better get busy Jack.


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