Another brick in the Wall…

Where’s Michael Moore when you need him?

A tough week with my Mom in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. We almost lost her but between myself and my brother we called some ‘audibles’ with the hospital staff and doctors and eventually got her stabilized. Fortunately, at this point you can still converse with a team of physician and techs, weigh your options and, if necessary, demand treatment. You can even tip the nurses aids and housekeeping. Happy to report Mom is out of ICU and in a regular room. Ain’t out of the woods yet, 10 days and counting but there’s some hope here that she’ll get better. For years I’ve been a proponent of healthcare reform in the US. But I became jaded by government run health care from my 30 years experience (every week) with Hines V.A. Hospital and Dad’s illness. However, this week’s experience has thoroughly convinced me that what the POTUS is proposing in terms of the Dem’s health care overhaul is and will be an utter travesty – a death sentence, for people in my Mom’s situation. Yet, I doubt if Mr. Moore could ever see it from this very real perspective.

Ok then, This is a journal about filmmaking. So, apart from this challenging week, we did make some progress with MoW. One of our lead characters’ ancestors may be on board with us. Plus I’ve formed a production company, Atlas Media Ventures, LLC and we have another LLC underway specifically for MoW. Learned that a Letter of Intent means diddly-squat when it comes to attaching BO talent to the project. The agents need to sign on – not the talent.


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