Yin and Yang…

Here’s an observation….A Hospital Ain’t No Place to Be Sick!

My 89 year old Mom went in the hospital for a minor outpatient procedure and has now been there for three days and counting. Sitting in waiting rooms, waiting in sitting rooms, recovery rooms, hallways and uncomfortable chairs sure gets a person focused.

Perhaps my inner producer is emerging. Within the last week I’ve had two of my closet friends come out of their proverbial writer’s closets and involve me with their scripts. One is an unscripted (reality) TV show which I am confident we can sell and the other is still a mystery which I will be discussing with JH ‘a presto’.

My old friend Jerry Perzigian (Golden Girls, the Jefferson, Frazier, the Nanny, etc.) and I are back in discussions and I hope to see him soon when/if I head out to LA in April.

This week I began working with a noted UPM in Italy to spec out my film’s budget. Plus I sent an rough agreement to my colleague in New York so we can continue working in good faith on the pre-production part of this effort.

I found out our January 25th reading got some press in Reel Chicago magazine and my designer, Rich, is working on upgrading the film’s website.

A filmmaker colleague here in Chicago just got his mitts on a very high end digital camera for his production. I truly hope he makes sure his script is where it needs to be (polished like the Millenium Park Bean) before he begins shooting. I want this guy to succeed, yet I’m always cautious about telling younger folks what to do. Ya see, I never had a mentor in this business so I feel compelled to help younger artists avoid the mistakes I made. When I left my old, burnt-out, artiste persona behind at the intersection of Frank Zappa Rd & George Clinton Blvd.,I promised myself I’d keep the best parts of that guy and bring those along to adulthood  with me. And some of those adult parts require speaking up when someone, a friend or colleague, is heading for what I think to be, a problem.

At this point, I feel I’ve done a pretty good job in achieving what the ancient Egyptians called “Mat“…or balance. (Who else besides me read Norman Mailer’s Ancient Evenings?) I hope those friends and colleagues of mine strive towards that too….on our way to enlightenment -if we should ever get there. Short of Nirvana, balance is a great, liberating place to be.

So, RM, if you’re reading this……Slow Down ! A great script will make a great production. Ya need em both dude. Wax On – Wax Off.

And, as my own screenplay winds through the process, I hope I can continue to forge ahead, continue making those important financing contacts and in the very near future breathe the air of the righteous.

For better or worse, I’ll continue to march to my own drum and try to tell it like it is, while preserving some integrity and style.

around 1975


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