Really now.

Being somewhat of a “35mm film”purist, when fellow filmmaker Ryan Miller told me about the Red Camera I thought, oh boy… here we go again, just like in the 80’s when Panavision came out with the Panacamâ„¢. Well, in the past 10 days, my colleague and team member, Dino Pascarelli, fom Ralphie Boy Productions has been getting me wise to digital filmmaking. The Arriflex D-21, the Sony CineAlta F 23, the Red Digital and yes, the Thomson Viper Filmstream Camera.

Wanna see some digital filmmaking at it’s best?

Check out District 9 or the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Let me know what you think. Then get back to me within 24 frames…uh, I mean hours.

Since we’re now chasing real money, we’ve taken the steps in forming a production company. Plus, we are working on updating the film’s online visibility.

We are, however, going slow with that. In the next few weeks a couple of big events should be coming down the pike. When this movie gets made, I will hold one killer screening party here in Chicago….and you guys here, in my little blog circle will be invited for sure.



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6 responses to “Really now.

  1. Jill

    This is very exciting – I look forward to the celebration!

  2. Romain

    It’s great Joe!!!!

  3. Romain

    It’s great!!!!

  4. Very cool Joe…very cool.

  5. Hi Joe,

    Also a filmmaker from Chicago. I’ve got a good producer contact you might be interested in. Any way to contact you?

    Holding you to that screening invitation, by the way…

    best, Jason

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