Somtimes the lights all shinin’ on me; Other times I can barely see…

Deep, deep, deep into the world of film production. I’ve read dozens of books, listened to as many audio lectures and seen a load of webinars. Still, I am just scratching the surface. My next step is working up some budgets and shooting schedules. And to think…. had I stuck around 25 years ago….well, anyway, I’m

"Chicago Film Festival 1981"


back at it.

This time with a vengeance, a product and a purpose. There’s some good juju surrounding the movie. By February we should be hittin on all eight.

In other happenings; my colleague, Ryan Miller is taking a step back to do more polishing on his screenplay/film A City to Make Me.

Friend and marketer, Jim Perez is finishing film school and heading to L.A. soon.

Alaric Rocha is holding a production fundraiser for his film, Winter in Louisiana later this month.

Another good friend and professional colleague, Ruth Ratny (Reel Chicago Magazine) is just about ready to kick the doors down with a couple of new projects.

The Chicago film scene is beginning to pop. (perhaps you should think about hanging around Jim P.?)

“Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been”

"Athens Film Festival 1982"

Another one!

More to come.

"Video Child - FunkaVision"

FunkaVision's, VIDEO CHILD


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