Funneling down

The prcess of getting a film made could be summed up by the two critical components; a good story and the money to bring it to the screen. Although I have seen plenty of bad stories (poor scripts) get funded.

My quest is for what is called a PF/D deal…or a Production Finance & Distribution deal.  I have a fully developed screenplay along with detailed, supporting market research and some A-List industry heavies waiting in the wings. To get the money to finance the production I need to get a Negative Pick-up contract from a large Distributor. Once that is in place I can then proceed to raise the necessary funds to pay for the entire production.

My current challnge is getting the script broken down and priced out. For that I’d need two things: First – a UPM or Unit Production Manager and secondly a Director. The UPM could price out the script as is but if the director brings in different artistic elements that may change the dollar amount significantly. A director could cause the budget to increase but he might also see some cost saving/shot saving opportunities to actually lower the costs. And, he may have colleagues that he’d like to bring on board that could also affect the expenses.

Our reading is going to take place in January. I am thrilled about hearing the words spoken.


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