OK then….36 months!

I am opening this online journal to a few of my closest, most supportive friends and colleagues. Recently, I’ve had the good fortune of reacquainting myself (after 30 years) with an old film business contact who has appeared just at the point where I am moving myself into the film production business. She introduced me to yet another person who I’m partnering with in the film distribution business. Thus begins my journey into reinventing myself as a film producer. I am on day 1074 out of 1092 to position myself as both a player and a force in the business of visual media and storytelling.

I hope you enjoy my daily journal in this endeavor.



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3 responses to “OK then….36 months!

  1. Christina

    Joe, how exciting! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help support you in any of your exciting endeavors — and I wish you all the best, because you are a talent and a powerful force and a real cool cat.

    Peace & Luv,

    • Thanks for your support and belief in my talents. (And especially for calling me a cool cat.)
      Hopefully, you will indeed be part of my segue into a new profession as as I move it forward.
      I have some ideas to bring you in.
      I have only given six people access to this blog.
      This is my way to say to them, “thanks for everything that you’ve done.”
      Give me 90 days and we will discuss/review at that point.
      Have a great Christmas and best regards to Mark.
      We do need to do our yearly drink thing.
      How’s your sister doing?
      How’s Barry?
      How’s TeenBean?

  2. Mary Huske

    It’s been a LONG time since I was involved with the Broadview Chamber of Commerce and you probably don’t remember me…..but, I wanted to send my best wishes, congratulations and GOOD LUCK. I admire your ambitions and I look forward to following your journey to the Red Carpet which I LOVE watching.

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